Who am I?

Hello! My name is Jessica, entrepreneur and mama to Three Wildflowers. I have three spectacular and free-spirited children who inspire me every day. I am native to Florida however, I was raised in New Jersey as a Giants fan. I married my best friend, who just loves those Cowboys! I consider myself down to earth and charismatic.

What is my Passion?

ART! I just love creating fresh and exciting ideas; then bringing them to life. Since I was little, my passion surrounded crafting, painting, sketching, and photography. Imagery engulfs our everyday lives and I look forward to capturing those irreplaceable moments through my lens.

How was Three Wildflowers Photography founded?

The foundation of Three Wildflowers Photography is solely based on the love and loyalty to my children. Wildflowers symbolize faith and devotion. My children are my life and we encompass each other, just like wildflowers. Wildflowers surround each other and grow in unexpected places. They flourish and provide a wonderful color to my world. 

Why Choose Three Wildflowers Photography?

I am dedicated. I pour my heart & soul into my work. My hope is to create a garden of memories for my clients to enjoy, with natural and beautiful photographs to remember. I provide honest quality with a little Southern (to Northern) charm. I look forward to hearing from you! 

If you have any questions regarding my Photography Services, please feel free to connect via e-mail or phone:

Jessica @ Three Wildflowers Photography
P: (321) 252-9136

You can also follow me on Instagram or connect through Facebook.
Looking forward to chatting soon!