How to Prepare for your Portrait Session?

Thursday, June 25, 2020


Hi there! Are you getting ready to book your next Portrait Session and stuck on how to prepare? Well, here are some general tips and tricks to get you on the right track. Remember these are only suggestions and you do NOT have to follow them to a 'T.' I always recommend bringing creativity and uniqueness into any photo.

#1) First Things First, PHOTOGRAPHER: Find your Photographer and set up an initial consultation to discuss your ideas and thoughts! Get CREATIVE! Try to have some questions ready so when you meet (or talk via phone), this will help build the bridge of communication and address your concerns. For me, it's all about open communication and client-relationship building when it comes to Photography and serving the community. I feel inspired when an individual can come to me with questions - it shows interest and value. When you finally choose your photographer they should be engaged and asking you (the client) what your ideal session looks like. If you have no idea and need some guidance, that is absolutely okay! Some photographers include a booking questionnaire to get insight into the project at hand. And, both of you can work together to create a perfect look for your next photo shoot!

#2) Next on the list, find a LOCATION: If you need help figuring this one out, click the link here to see my prior infographic mentioning "5 Amazing Outdoor Locations for your Portrait Session." This post mentions some ideas for your next location. Once you have a location in mind then you can figure out what to wear.

#3) STYLE: Dress for the Occasion! When booking your session start thinking about what kind of style you are looking for. When you think of style, this can describe the design that you will be a part of, as well as what you will wear. Try to find out how many outfits are included in your package. For instance, some Photographers include a session with you wearing only 1 outfit and others will offer change into another, each Photographer and package will vary. It is best to consider this when booking and be mindful of the time allotment when changing. Here are some things to consider when planning your style:

a.) If you can, try to stick with a solid color and avoid wearing patterns, stripes, large logos or prints. There are times when I have even gone against this rule and selected a plaid shirt for my son and a flowered dress for my daughter, however - when you can, try to stick to the solids. It is usually less distracting and when wearing solids you have the opportunity to change backgrounds without any distortion. And if you would like, when in doubt, just ask your Photographer for their recommendations. Of course, this is about you and your uniqueness, so definitely do what you feel is best! These photos are your own memories, moments, & milestones to remember!
b.) Consider the possibility of having your hair, make-up, and nails done when getting ready for your photo shoot. Simple and natural is recommended, however, depending on the type of portrait you are looking for - this will vary. Hair should be kept out of your eyes, no hair ties or scrunchies on the wrist, and please make sure your nail polish is not chipped. If you need some guidance on professional hair and make-up stylists in the area, please feel free to reach out for suggestions.

c.) If you wear glasses, it is up to you on whether you prefer to wear glasses or not for the session. If you do choose to wear glasses, usually non-reflective and non-transition glasses are preferred, however what makes you feel comfortable is best. 

d.) Accessories Tip: Simple, is preferred for a more natural look. This could change depending on the location and event you are capturing. If you are booking a session for your child(ren) then consider bringing some accessories like sunglasses, hats, or a favorite blanket to use during the shoot. These items can bring character and personality to your photos. 

 #4) ENERGY: Avoid getting HANGRY! Before you head to your session, please make sure you (& your family members) eat well and stay hydrated. This will help to keep you, or anyone else involved, to stay energized! In addition, get plenty of rest the night before, try not to be nervous and take time to relax.

#5) Have a BLAST! Remember... this session is about you (and/or your loved ones - depending on which portrait session you are choosing)! Whether this is a Family, Maternity, Birth, Newborn, Senior Photo, or Special Milestone like an Engagement, Elopement, Wedding, or any other Noteworthy Moment - ENJOY every second of making that session a lasting memory. Have as much fun as you can, smile and laugh often, and just be YOU!

Thanks for reading... till next time,


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